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DEXSUR Hartman Alligator Forceps 3.5″ – High Quality, Long Lasting, Professional ENT Tools, 5 Piece Set, Ear Loop Design

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE & FIVE-PIECE SET: The Hartman Alligator Forceps are 3.5-inch precision tools perfect for ENT procedures. Made from quality surgical material for long-lasting durability. This kit includes 5 professional ENT tools for a wide range of medical and healthcare procedures. Ideal for medical professionals and students alike.
  • EAR LOOP DESIGN & ALLIGATOR FORCEPS: The unique ear loop design enables access to hard-to-reach areas, providing enhanced precision for ear examinations and procedures. Known for their strong grip, the Alligator Forceps are suitable for various ENT tasks, offering versatility and reliability.
  • VERSATILE USAGE & HIGH QUALITY: Perfect for ear and nasal examinations, ENT, medical modelling and precision tasks. A must-have for any healthcare provider or hospital. Manufactured to ensure the highest quality, these forceps provide consistent performance and longevity. Trusted by medical professionals.
  • NASAL INSTRUMENTS & ENT INSTRUMENTS: Also suitable for nasal examinations and procedures, these forceps are a versatile addition to any medical toolkit. Specially designed for ENT procedures, ensuring precision and effectiveness in every operation or examination.
  • MEDICAL EQUIPMENT & COST-EFFECTIVE: A part of every professional’s medical equipment, these forceps are an integral part of any medical setting. Quality and affordability combined, making this a valuable addition to any medical professional’s toolkit.

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